Event Medical Staffing Services


Event Medical Staffing Services

When organising or hosting an event, event companies and organisations have a duty of care to the participants and spectators to have appropriately qualified First Aid personnel in attendance to provide event medical services, including event medical staffing. In addition to this duty of care, it is increasingly becoming a condition of most insurers that appropriately qualified First Aid Medics be on-hand at an event to guarantee insurance cover.

Colbrow Medics, an Event Medical Company that provides the best service with staff to cater your specific needs.

Established under the auspices of Colbrow Healthcare, Melbourne’s first nursing agency, Colbrow Medics has a proven track record in the provision of reliable and professional Event First Aid Medical Services to a large and wide variety of community and sporting events and festivals. Truly an event medical company that you can trust.

For medics looking for work in event medical services and event medical staffing, if you are reliable and enjoy variety, CLICK HERE to complete the online application.

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